Messaging Matters

Here and gone! The world is furiously competitive and distracted. You have only a few seconds to make the right impression and convey the essence of a product. Acquiring a prospect and then moving them to engagement is a lot of work. Messaging can make all the difference.

Messaging is the cornerstone of brilliant marketing. It’s the brief, memorable story, and the inspired solution to a problem or a need. Messaging is insight, a bolt of confidence, a surge of enthusiasm, and the impetus to take the next step in product discovery. It works around the clock and differentiates your offer from the competition.

Messaging reflects a product, service, or brand. Great messaging goes further. It simulates the product experience and gives the prospective customer their first taste.

Messaging should be consistent everywhere its used. It should be derivative in any length, from tweets to posts, ads to email and app store copy to websites. Consistency makes it easier for consumers to recognize your product, thereby promoting familiarity. Consistency is also fundamental to building brand. 

There is a practical side for why you should take the time to perfect your messaging: it will save you a lot of work in the long run. Beware if your colleagues, partners, press, and consumers are recreating messaging. That may be a sign of poor messaging. You probably always need to enforce consistent use, but if your messaging is great, it will be appropriated rather than reinvented.